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IMPORTANT NOTICE: We will offer to purchase most Rotor and Fixed Wing Aircraft, Engines, Components, Parts, and related Inventories within 48 hours of your inquiry. Click here to learn more.

AH-1 "Cobra" Helicopter

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The AH-1 has many nicknames: Cobra, Snake, HueyCobra, Firwatch Cobra, and Firesnake. One of the first helicopters designed specifically as an attack platform, the Cobra continues active service with many military operators. Parapublic and restricted operators also use this aircraft for non-military operations such as logging and firefighting. Sharing many components of the related UH-1 Huey, the AH-1 can be an efficient platform for both military and civilian missions. 

Dakota maintains an in-stock inventory of helicopter parts to support AH-1 helicopters. We support AH-1 requirements through our web site. Whatever your mission, Dakota can support you with spares, engines, and whole aircraft.

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